Rogers Centre Tours – Amazing experience.

Hey Guys,

In July I went to the Rogers Center Tour in Toronto and I loved it.


The tour usually takes place every day from 11m to 3pm, and happens every 1 hour. The schedule is provided in the website so it is better to check it out because they don’t provide tours in days of concert or games.

With me there were other 15 people in the group. The tour guide was very good and clearly had much knowledge about the place. He explained all about the stadium structure, as it is possible to move the stands to get different types of games and concerts. We visited the cafeteria where the players use to have their meals, the area of the commentators, a unique place for disabled children, the VIP seats and we could get very close to the artificial grass.Read More »

Artificial nails…my salvation!

This post is especially for those who, like me, suffer from the habit of nail biting.

Artificial nails that I bought at Shoppers Drug Mart.
Artificial nails that I bought at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Since I was a teenager I bite my nails and I already tried many things to stop but they didn’t work, or they worked for some time and in the first movie that I watched, I bite all my nails again. Terrible but true.

In the past I wasn’t very interested in artificial nails because I found them very unnatural. Nowadays we can find many different artificial nails and they are much more natural.

Last year in Brazil I tried false nails and I loved it. Those were nails that you had to glue in your natural nails, cut in the size you needed and paint them. A lot of work but the result was good and I used them for almost two weeks. Then comes the bad part. When I took the false nails off, my real nails were super weak, seemed a paper as soft and thin.

My hand with Sensationail’s artificial nails
After that, I didn’t search other types of nails but now in Canada, I don’t have time to polish my nails and this makes me bite them even more. So, last week I was at shoppers Drug Mart and I found a box of artificial nails. They were already painted (so I didn’t have to spend time painting them), the colours were beautiful but limited and the price was not bad. $13.49. The brand that I chose is SENSATIONAIL. There are others but I dind’t try them yet. It comes with 28 nails in 14 sizes + glue, adhesives, double-sided nail buffer and a manicure stick.

I chose the adhesives for the first time because I found it easier and faster. In 15 minutes I glued all the nails and they were very beautiful and natural. The adhesive became a glue after some minutes and it was very strong.

They don’t recommend wear the nails beyond 7 days so I followed this recommendation to see how my real nails would be after 7 days wearing artificial nails. I can say, they were normal! They were strong, no damage, nothing. I was very surprised and happy.

This week I went to the same shoppers and the same nails were on sale! From $13.49 to $9.99. So you can find the nails for a cheaper price.

I saw in the website that they have many kits and other products. Next time I will try the gel nails that are very popsensationail-super-deluxe-starter-kitular here as well. They have a starter kit that seems easy to apply and you can watch videos on youtube to learn the application as well. Check it out

So here is the tip for those who has a wedding party, or for those who will travel and don’t want to think about polishing nails during the trip, and for those who bite nails and want to stop. It is a good start.



Marketing campaigns that make you reflect.

I think the most successful campaigns are those that touch people’s feelings. I’ve seen campaigns that do not focus on the product itself, but tell a story of life, an attitude that can help change the world, or that advocates social equality. My favorite videos are those that companies do to surprise a client. And the cool thing is to see creative campaigns that do not always require much financial investment. Anyone who has read my last post “5 things Brazilian banks should copy from Canadian …” realized that I’ve become a big fan of TD Bank. Besides the great and fast service I started watching the campaigns they do and found super cool.

1. TD Bank: “Sometimes you just want to say thank you”

This first video I watched when I was in Brazil but just now, watching again, I could realize that this amazing campaign is from TD Bank.

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5 things Brazilian banks should copy from Canadian…

Hi guys,

Today I will share with you something that I love in Toronto and that is very different from Brazil. The banking service.

1. Bank hours

In Brazil we have several private and also public banks, but regardless, the opening schedule for the public in all of them is very limited. Most banks hours are from Monday to Friday from 11am to 4pm. Besides being a bad schedule, because most people are working, banks are filled with huge queues. Although there are laws saying that the customer can’t wait more than 15 minutes in line at normal days, 25 minutes before and after holidays and 30 minutes in days that the banks have to make payments for those who work for the government, most of the banks can not afford to follow these rules. It’s a very short time to help so many people. Every time I had to go to the bank here in Canada, never waited more than 5 minutes to be served.

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First Impressions

Did you know that first impressions are formed within the first 7 seconds of coming into contact with a company and its employees? Yes! That’s right. This means that companies must give special attention in (EXCELLENT) customer service training.

Last week I visited a beautiful restaurant in Toronto but I was not sure if I would eat there or not, so I stepped in and took a look in the menu. I was there for 3 or 4 minutes and nobody came to see if I needed help or to guide me to a table. The menu didn’t call my attention so I just left. However, if someone had served me, offering a table or even the menu, maybe they would have convinced me to stay. I’m not saying that I’m not going to go back there, but in that moment my impression was something like: “They don’t care about the customer. They didn’t even see that I came here and left”.

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The funny, polite, Canadian style…Sorry about that!

Hello everybody,

I’m sorry for the absence! In the last two weeks I have been super busy because my parents came from Brazil to visit me.
We had a great time together. The first 10 days we stayed in Toronto, Montreal and Quebec city and then spent 5 days in New York City.
And it is exactly on this trip that I will talk about today.

Since I came to Toronto, I realized that Canadians are very (EXTREMELY!) Polite. It becomes a laughingstock because even the person being right, she apologizes! For example, if I step on a person’s foot, she will look at me and say: I’M SORRY!Read More »

It is not a simple coffee shop…It’s a third place!

As soon as I arrived in Toronto, my focus was to get a job to keep me in the country for one year. I knew that as a foreigner it would be very difficult to find a job in my area and so focused in get a job in a coffee shop. In the first two weeks I walked around town handing curriculums and asking for work until I was hired.

My view…

Working in the coffee shop, I realized that here in Toronto, people spend hours and hours working on their connected computers, studying, playing, drawing, watching videos, and so on. Everything I normally do at home in mIMG_0928y free time, they do in the coffee shops. I read some reports in which coffee shops are considered “third places”, which according to Wikipedia: the third place (or third space) is the social surroundings separate from the two usual social environments of home (“first place”) and the workplace (“second place”). Examples of third places would be environments such as cafes, clubs or parks.Read More »

Let’s get it started…

Hello everyone,

                My name is Natalia Mendes and I am from Brazil. I graduated in Business Administration and for the past 6 months, I have been living in Toronto, Canada. I came to Toronto to study English and to gain work experience. So far I’ve been having an incredible journey here and I am falling in love with this city!

               My professional experiences have always been in the area of ​​Sales/Marketing. Therefore, I have an immense curiosity to understand what customers needs and wants are. For example, I am interested to know why customers choose certain products, services and brands over others.Read More »